How to Prepare Your Bong for Use

If you’re new to the scene, it’s important to know the basics of bong preparation before you start.

Cleaning and sanitizing your bong is a crucial step to ensure the best smoking experience. We will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to get your bong ready for use.

Types of Bongs and How to Clean Them

Smoking from a bong, the most important step is making sure your bong is properly cleaned. To properly clean your bong, you will need rubbing alcohol, salt, and a scrubbing brush.


  • Adding a few tablespoons of salt to the bong, followed by a generous amount of rubbing alcohol. Shake the mixture around for a few minutes to get rid of any residue.
  • Use the scrubbing brush to remove any remaining debris from the walls of the bong. Once you are finished scrubbing, empty out the mixture and rinse the bong with hot water.
  • Make sure to rinse thoroughly until all of the salt and alcohol has been removed.

Cleaning Your Bong with Isopropyl Alcohol

Alcohol is the optimal cleaning solution. To begin:


  • Fill your bong with a mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and warm water.
  • Add a few tablespoons of salt to the mixture and let it sit for about an hour. This will help loosen any grime or residue that has built up on the interior walls of your bong.
  • Once the hour has passed, empty the bong and rinse it with warm water.

Using Salt and Vinegar to Clean Your Bong

Using salt and vinegar to clean your bong is a great way to ensure it is free from residue and ready for use. The combination of salt and vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that can help to remove any built-up residue from the bong. To begin:


  • Fill your bong with a solution of equal parts salt and vinegar. Allow the solution to sit in the bong for about an hour, then shake it vigorously to help loosen any built-up residue.
  • Once the solution has been shaken, pour it out and rinse the bong thoroughly with cold water.

Other Ways to Clean Your Bong

Cleaning your bong is an essential part of the smoking experience. While many people use water and salt to clean their bong, there are other options available.


  • Vinegar is an all-natural cleaning solution that can be used to clean your bong. Simply fill the bong with vinegar and let it sit for a few hours. The acidity from the vinegar will help break down any residue and leave your bong looking like new. To finish, rinse the bong with warm water and dry with a paper towel.
  • Rubbing alcohol and isopropyl alcohol are also great options for cleaning your bong. These solutions are more powerful than vinegar, so they can help remove stubborn residue. Fill the bong with one of these solutions and let it sit for a few hours. Then, rinse with warm water and dry with a paper towel.
  • Baking soda is a great option for a deep clean. Mix baking soda and warm water together until it forms a paste-like consistency. Then, use a cloth or brush to scrub the inside of the bong. Rinse with warm water and dry with a paper towel.


How to Maintain Your Bong for Optimal Performance

Smoking from a bong, the key to an enjoyable experience is to make sure it is properly maintained. To ensure your bong is ready for use, follow these steps:


  • Empty the water from the bong and rinse it with warm water. This will help remove any buildup of resin and other residue.
  • Use a soft brush or rag to scrub the inside of the bong and remove any stubborn residue. Finally, rinse the bong with hot water and let it air dry.

Final Thoughts:

Preparing your bong for use doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With this guide, you now know the different types of bongs, how to clean them, and how to maintain them for optimal performance.


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