Bickering Twins Restaurant & Tequila Bar Ithaca, NY 14850

Bickering Twins Restaurant

Settled in the core of Ithaca, New York, Bickering Twins Mexican Restaurant and Bar guarantees a culinary excursion that joins conventional Mexican flavors with a cutting edge turn. With its energetic air and various menu, this restaurant has turned into a neighborhood number one, drawing in food devotees anxious to encounter the combination of genuine Mexican cooking and contemporary culinary imagination.


The restaurant’s ambiance finds some kind of harmony among relaxed and enthusiastic. Warm earth tones, natural stylistic theme, and enthusiastic Latin music make an enticing air. Whether you’re searching for a comfortable supper spot or a spot to celebrate with companions, Bickering Twins takes special care of different events.


Menu Highlights:

The Bickering Twins Restaurant & Tequila Bar 114 N Cayuga St Ithaca Ny 14850 Usa, including a wide cluster of Mexican works of art and imaginative dishes. From conventional tacos and enchiladas to remarkable manifestations like avocado-stuffed empanadas and chipotle-injected guacamole, the menu takes care of the two idealists and daring eaters.


The bar menu is similarly great, offering a broad determination of tequilas and mezcal, as well as handcrafted margaritas and signature mixed drinks. The educated staff is generally prepared to suggest the ideal beverage matching for your feast.


Signature Dishes:Signature Dishes

  1. Mole Poblano Enchiladas: A superb turn on a work of art, these enchiladas are covered in a rich, smooth mole sauce that impeccably balances sweet and exquisite flavors.
  2. Grilled Street Corn: A famous hors d’oeuvre that catches the quintessence of Mexican street food, the corn is grilled flawlessly and covered in a tasty mix of flavors, mayo, and cotija cheddar.
  3. Tamarind Shrimp Tacos: A combination of sweet and hot, these tacos include delicious shrimp coated with a tamarind-injected sauce, finished off with fresh slaw and a sprinkle of crema.


The staff at Bickering Twins contributes altogether to the general positive experience. Agreeable and mindful, they guide supporters through the menu, offering bits of knowledge into the flavors and assisting them with pursuing informed decisions. Speedy service guarantees that burger joints can relish their dinners without superfluous deferrals.

Customer Reviews:Customer Reviews

Customer reviews reliably acclaim Bickering Twins for its striking flavors, innovative dishes, and dynamic environment. Visitors value the legitimacy of the cooking and the restaurant’s obligation to conveying a vital feasting experience.



Bickering Twins Mexican Restaurant and Bar in Ithaca, NY, is a culinary safe house that effectively weds conventional Mexican flavors with contemporary pizazz. Whether you love exemplary dishes or anxious to investigate imaginative manifestations, this restaurant guarantees a party for your taste buds. With its enticing ambiance, broad menu, and mindful service, Bickering Twins stands as a demonstration of the rich embroidery of Mexican food in the core of upstate New York.

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