TAFCOP DGTelecom Portal: Your Key to Telecom Security and Regulation


Hello, readers! The Department of Telecommunications in India created the TAFCOP Consumer Portal to assist users in monitoring and controlling the quantity of mobile connections registered under their names. In this blog post, we’ll go over TAFCOP, its importance, and how to use the TAF COP Customer Portal.

TAFCOP DGTelecom Portal Details 2023

Portal Name TAFCOP DGTelecom Govt. Portal       
Introduced by Department of Telecommunication
Beneficiaries Indian Telecom Subscribers      
Objectives Reducing fraud cases & unauthorized mobile connections 
Service Mode Online   
Official Website TAFCOP.dgtelecom.gov.in           

Known About tafcop portal

TAFCOP Portal is a tool that protects the interests of consumers by utilizing telecom analytics to identify and stop fraud. Customers may use it to see how many mobile connections are linked to them and take appropriate action if they discover any unlawful or excessive connections. In accordance with the current DoT requirements, the portal further provides SMS notifications to customers who have more than nine mobile connections in their name.

Features Of tafcop portal

The following are only a few of the choices available through the TAF COP consumer site for controlling and protecting mobile connections.

  • A mobile user with more than nine connections will receive an SMS. After checking in, he or she can proceed with taking action.
  • A user can report any suspicious activity on their mobile connection by using the TAFCOP digi telecom gov consumer portal. Customers may check the progress of their online complaint submission by using the provided Ticket ID Ref No.
  • A user who has logged into the portal may view the status of their requests by using the “request status” function. They must kindly supply a “Ticket ID Ref No.”
  • If customers determine they are no longer in need of the numbers they were previously provided, they can choose to ban or deactivate them.
  • In order to find out how many mobile numbers are active and inactive, users can visit the tafcop dgtelecom gov on their website.

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 Objective of the tafcop portal

A few of the TAFCOP’s objectives are listed below:

  • For customers and subscribers, this website checks the number of active mobile connections associated with your name and allows you to regularize any surplus connections that may exist.
  • While sitting at home, users may verify mobile connections by simply tracking their SIM cards on this reliable website.
  • The program notifies users when nine SIM cards are linked to one ID card in an effort to lower the number of fraud cases. 
  • In order to stop illegal activity, it aims to reduce the number of phony or unauthorized mobile connections in India.

Process For TAFCOP Portal Login

The steps listed below can be used to access your registered account on the TAFCOP consumer website:

  • First, visit the official website.
  • It will then open to the homepage on your device.
  • After it’s done, select “TAFCOP portal login.”
  • Kindly provide your User ID and Password in the relevant fields.
  • Completing the captcha requires you to enter the code that shown on screen.
  • Navigate to your portal account by selecting the “TAF COP portal login” option after registering.

Step for Verifying Mobile Number with Your Aadhaar card

The actions listed below must be followed in order to confirm that your mobile phone is connected to your Aadhaar card:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Enter both your Aadhaar number and phone number.
  • After entering the captcha code, click Send OTP.
  • If your mobile number and Aadhaar are linked, you will get an OTP. Your phone number has been verified. Enter the OTP you got.
  • You will be notified if your mobile number is not associated with Aadhaar since it has not been updated in our database.

Process to Track the Number of SIMs on your Name status

To keep track of every number that is available on the SIMs, follow the instructions below.

  • The customer should go to the TAF COP Portal, which is located at https://TAFCOP.dgtelecom.gov.in/, to find out how many SIM cards are registered in their name.
  • The customer should input their 10-digit mobile number on the TAP-COP homepage and choose the Request OTP option.
  • The customer must then input the OTP and click the Validate button to confirm the one-time password.
  • The customer will receive a list of the mobile numbers associated with your IDs and name after verifying the OTP. You can choose the mobile number and follow the report if you have many numbers linked to your tafcop portal aadhar card. Block the SIM card if not.
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Process to Download the TAFCOP App 2024

The App has not yet been fully released by the official authorities, but interested parties should wait and download it later. To do so, follow these steps:

  • visit the official portal website. 
  • Click the App Download link after visiting the homepage. 
  • You may search the Google Play Store App straight from this page or use the Play Store link that will take you there. 
  • It will then be successfully installed on your smartphone when you touch the install button. 

Why is TAFCOP Portal important?

The TAFCOP Consumer Portal is vital because it shields users from fraud and identity theft. Some common scams that might happen when utilizing a mobile connection are as follows:

  • SIM swap fraud : It is the act of someone obtaining a duplicate SIM card bearing your number and using it to gain access to your bank accounts, one-time passwords, or other private data.
  • Fraud involving call forwarding: Tap Cop assists in surreptitiously forwarding your incoming calls to a different number and charges you for it.
  • Fraud using international roaming: The portal assists in identifying instances in which someone enables international roaming on your phone, places costly calls, or utilizes data while traveling overseas.
  • False KYC fraud: The portal also helps you spot instances in which someone obtains a mobile connection in your name using your identification documents and then uses it for illicit purposes.

You may use the portal to see if any of these scams are occurring with your mobile connections and then report them to the Department of Technology (DoT) or your service provider.


The TAFCOP Portal is a helpful resource for customers who wish to monitor and control their mobile connections in order to prevent fraud or identity theft. Customers may easily utilize the TAFCOP Consumer Portal to receive timely warnings and information. It also supports DoT’s efforts to keep an eye on and enforce regulations governing service providers’ appropriate use of telecom resources. Encouraging customers and bolstering security in the telecom industry are the goals of Tapcop. Check the TAF COP webpage to see how many connections are active in your name if you use a mobile device in India.

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