Mixkit : Your Ultimate Source for Free Artistic Resources

Mixkit : Your Ultimate Source for Free Artistic Resources

Are you looking for free artistic materials to use in your projects? You no longer need to look for anything since I’m going to tell you about an amazing gateway today that has an enormous library of stock media assets. Allow me to present a mixkit video to you! 

In today’s Mixkit, we’ll look at its features, user interface, and customer support. We will also attempt to understand its primary benefits and drawbacks. Now, without further ado, let’s begin!

Known About Mixkit

Mixkit is an online platform that provides high-quality, free content, including music, sound effects, video templates, and artwork that is entirely unprotected by copyright. The most well-known online retailer, Envato Elements, initially published it in 2019.

You may use more than 50,000 original stock photos for business or personal purposes. That’s right, they come at no cost, and the website is free as well. With only one click, you may quickly obtain these stock assets from a website and utilize them for your projects.

Procedure To Access The mixkit com

You must take the actions listed below in order to access the website:

  • Start by selecting the device’s most popular “Browser.”
  • Using the search bar on your computer, find the official website as the next step.
  • Select the official website mixkit com from the shown SERPs and make sure you get on the homepage.
  • There’s a ton of artistic work when you first visit the official website’s homepage.
  • Now select from the available services on the website.

Categories Offered On The mixkit com Website

Should we investigate the various kinds of free assets to confirm that these Mixkit free components are completely free? Let’s discuss the technical details of the free sections in addition to licensing. Since audio and video material are the primary focus of our website, we will discuss these subjects.

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Video clips

This free video library is adequate, if not outstanding. Most of the movies available for free are in Full HD. We looked, and it doesn’t seem like any 4K footage is available. These are some other libraries offering free 4K movies.

We downloaded more than twenty films to examine the quality. We discovered the following outcomes:

  • Bit rate of 20–25 Mbps is adequate.
  • The files for each clip range in size from 30 to 60 MB.

Music tracks

The music collection on it has hundreds of free tracks. Based on the sound and our past interactions with Envato’s repertoire, these tracks seem to be at the lower end of the quality spectrum.

The following are the outcomes of several downloads:

  • All songs are in mp3 format.
  • All of them are compressed using Pro Tools.


There’s also a fantastic assortment of free SFX on the website. The WAV format is used for the audio files. The bit rate, albeit on the lower end, is still acceptable.

The license is permissive. You may use these free sound effects on YouTube, social media, video games, TV, radio, and commercial projects.

Art and Illustrations

While mixkit com does not offer free images, their website does offer a free art collection with creative and colorful images arranged into more than 15 categories, like Business, Computer, Food, Love, Music, and so on. 

You may use the original artwork as a desktop or phone wallpaper by downloading it from the website in its original size. However, the image has been absurdly cropped for the phone wallpaper format. 

Video Templates 

Are you a video editor? But these templates can save you a ton of time! There is a separate collection of free movie templates for video editing software including DaVinci Resolve, Apple Motion – Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of mixkit. Co Website

There are many benefits and drawbacks to using the website, which comes with its array of services:


  • Simple to Use Interface: The website’s user interface is very clear, modern, and easy for new users to navigate.
  • No Invading Ads: Although Envato Elements is the website’s brand, there are no obtrusive pop-ups or adverts that direct users to other websites. 
  • Download a Wide Range of Assets: Our website doesn’t focus on a single type of media asset. Films, artwork, sound effects, audio content, video templates, and more are all given up for free! 
  • Every Asset Has a Unique License: They offer a different license for each and every asset that is made available. It is quite helpful to have instructions on how to utilize the item appropriately. 
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  • Not Free: Their website doesn’t currently provide any free stock photos. It will be the greatest source of free stock media in the future only because of this feature alone. 
  • Not available: There isn’t an option to create an account. This is problematic since users can’t peruse a list of the files they have downloaded or create wishlists. 
  • Collection Restricted: Their library consists of about fifty thousand titles total. Furthermore, they do not specify the number of assets that are available under each category. 
  • Upsells for Envato Products: Throughout the whole mixkit. Co interface, there are banner ads and adverts promoting an upgrade to Envato Elements. I don’t hate the Envato logo, though, because it’s a reputable website.
  • No Customer help: Their website does not include a live chat feature, help page, or email address where you may send inquiries. Social networking buttons may be used to access Envato Elements.

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Is mixkit. Co Free Or Paid?

Indeed, there are a ton of free creative resources available online. Without any sort of gating, it provides an abundance of content, including free stock footage, audio tracks, sound effects, and video templates. Downloads are available for free without registering. Everything is there, available for your use in accordance with their license authorization.

Is Mixkit A Legit Site?

Though it looks a little ridiculous, the website is real. The popular Envato marketplace is the ancestor of the website. Envato offers free sound effects, music, and video samples to the creative community. Envato might be a fantastic substitute if you enjoy the free content on the website and you need more of it.


With a large selection of good free creative materials, mixkit video is a great place to start looking for resources. It offers a hassle-free experience with an intuitive interface, a wide range of content, and transparent licensing. Despite not having account features or stock photos, it is still a safe and reliable platform that is backed by the respectable Envato marketplace.

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