PNB HRMS 2.0 : Empowering PNB Parivar with Digital Solutions

PNB HRMS 2.0 : Empowering PNB Parivar with Digital Solutions

PNB HRMS 2.0 revolutionizes employee management at Punjab National Bank, offering a digital platform for personnel services.

PNB HRMS 2.0: Revolutionizing Employee Management at PNB Bank

The PNB HRMS 2.0 platform was introduced by PNB BANK a prominent public sector bank in India, with the aim of digitizing employee related operations. Employees may easily arrange their official responsibilities thanks to this system’s one interface for a variety of HR services provided by PNB.

Highlight of PNB HRMS Portal

Name PNB HRMS Portal      
Launched by Punjab National Bank   
Beneficiary PNB employees            
Purpose To provide an easy and effective personnel management solution          
Category Govt Portal                       
Helpline Number 011-28075196             
Official website            

Know About PNB HRMS 2.0

The PNB HRMS (Human Resources Management System) is an all-inclusive platform with features appropriate for several departments. All of the fundamental tasks are taken care of by it, including pay stubs, attendance monitoring, and leave administration.

Key Features of PNB HRMS 2.0

There are numerous feature available on the website. So of the few feature of PNB HRMS 2.0 are:-

  • User-Friendly Interface: This platform’s Employee Engagement Module has an interactive user interface that makes it easier for staff to operate the device without having to engage in a lot of combat. The utility of the layout is enhanced by its intuitiveness, which reduces the learning curve by using simple, green tasks.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Furthermore, it can be easily accessed through mobile devices, which adds much-needed flexibility. This is especially great for those who use cellphones, as they can access information and services related to human resources right from their phones.
  • Self-Service Options: Self-service is emphasized as one of PNB HRMS 2.0‘s primary features. The process for updating personal information, accessing pay stubs, requesting leaves, and utilizing other HR services has become less complex and manipulable for employees, eliminating the need for regular communication with the HR department.
  • Integrated Leave Management: With the help of this platform’s effective leave management system, employees can quickly arrange their absences, and HR can easily keep track of and manage each employee’s remaining leave balance. This unification improves the quality of all leave management processes, gets rid of paperwork, and fixes errors.
  • Performance Management: Additionally, the system offers tools for tracking and grading performance. Employees will be able to establish goals for themselves, monitor their advancement, and take part in productive reviews with their managers. The simplicity with which this function may be used to report issues improves workplace openness.
  • Training and Development: It makes training and development easier for staff members by giving them access to the tools they need, allowing them to register for courses as needed, and enabling them to monitor their own professional growth. The bank’s commitment to lifelong learning is consistent with this function.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Pnb hrms 2.0 prioritizes security above everything else. To ensure that the privacy of the information is preserved and that data protection laws are followed, the system makes use of strong security measures that aim to safeguard personally identifiable information belonging to the workers.
  • PNB Parivar Work Philosophies: The HR office and employees may communicate easily thanks to the PNB Parivar Working Formula. Employees can focus on their primary responsibilities as a result of the administrative load being reduced.

Process for pnb hrms 2.0 login

To access your Pnb hrms 2.0 login portal, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website at
  • On the official website, there is a login URL that you need to click.
  • After that, a login form will show up and ask for your login details.
  • After inputting the information, complete the captcha by providing your login credentials.
  • Press the pnb hrms 2.0 login button.

Process to Reset PNB Parivar 2.0 Password

In the event that you forget your PNB HRMS 2.0 Login password. Then follow the instructions below to get your password back.

  • First, go to PNB Parivar’s official website.
  • The homepage will then appear in front of you.
  • You will choose the “forgot password” link beneath the login tab on the homepage.
  • Click, then fill in the username in the pop-up window.PNB HRMS Password reset
  • The password reset link will now be sent by the system.
  • After clicking the link, make a new password. To continue, confirm the password again.
  • You may now access the HRMS site of Punjab National Bank Parivar by using the new password.

Process for pnb hrms 2.0 download

For Android devices:

  • Visit Google Play.
  • Look up “PNB Parivar.”
  • Launch the application.

For iOS devices:

  • Go to the App Store on
  • Look up “PNB Parivar.”
  • Install the app after pnb hrms 2.0 download it.

Benefits of using the PNB HRMS 2.0

Using the PNB HRMS 2.0 come with various benefits, so of the PNB HRMS 2.0 benefits are:-

  • Employees can save time as they may view their monthly and annual pay stubs without having to contact HR or the employer’s office.
  • The service also allows retired employees to view online pension data.
  • Employees can monitor the progress of their loan applications and apply for loans using the platform.
  • Workers can also check their status and submit an application for leave.

HRMS PNB Parivar Careline and Contact Numbers

If you need any support with PNB HRMS, call the hotline at:

  • Helpline Number: 18001802222
  • Email:


The PNB HRMS 2.0 from Punjab National Bank is a noteworthy achievement that will probably aid the bank in its ongoing transition to a more effective, transparent, and employee-focused HR management system. PNB’s use of technology and user experience has demonstrated that the organization provides employees with tools that are appropriate for their positions and creates a positive work environment. The ongoing changes in the banking sector are a reflection of the banks’ dedication to continuing to lead the Hashmadi revolution in the field of human resources.

This platform offers a straightforward and practical interface that helps PNB employees do their daily work-related duties. PNB Parivar makes it simple to verify pay information, apply for leaves of absence, and receive internal notices. Stay connected by downloading our app, PNB Parivar!


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