How to Reduce Costs When You Ship Your Car across the Country

Ship Your Car

When shipping your car across the country, it is crucial that you select a reputable auto transporter with fantastic customer reviews and a USDOT number and insurance coverage so that you’re not breaking the bank for this much-needed service.

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The time it takes to ship cars cross country depends on several factors. According to Industry Wired – first and foremost is the type and condition of vehicle being shipped; also important are where and from whom. An enclosed transport might take longer to ship than a regular sedan that can be hauled using an open trailer.

Weather may also impact times; winter travel seasons often peak transportation companies’ workload due to snow/ice accumulation on roadways, thus delaying drivers even further in their deliveries. However, selecting an experienced shipping company will save you both time and money as well as ensure safe travel.

Another crucial consideration when choosing a car shipping company is insurance coverage. While most transporters must carry liability insurance to cover potential damages during transport, always obtain a copy for your own reference and check with your auto insurer that your vehicle will be protected.

Remember to remove all extra items such as bike racks, antennas or electronic toll passes as this can reduce weight while making damage inspection more straightforward. Also, pickup and delivery dates will have a tremendous effect on how long it takes for shipping cars cross country, so it is wise to plan ahead. It’s also recommended that you book it as early as possible to ensure there is sufficient capacity on a carrier and that it arrives quickly at its destination.

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Ship Your Car


When shipping a car across the country, you entrust its safety to an auto transport company. Shipping companies use open trailers or closed containers for loading and unloading vehicles while offering insurance policies as protection against damage during transport. Before hiring any company to transport your vehicle, it’s integral that you understand their policy thoroughly and what exactly will cover any potential incidents during this process.

Most reputable car shipping companies will include insurance in their quotes; just make sure that the type and limits are appropriate for you. Carrier insurance generally covers damages caused by their services while your personal auto policy may cover additional damages depending on its terms and conditions. If you’re uncertain which kind of coverage your transport company provides, don’t be shy – ask! If unsure, get additional advice or purchase separate cargo coverage during the transportation period.

Review the claims process and deductibles as part of your research process. Some companies offer up to $500 as an assurance against carrier damage to your car; others do not. It is essential that any personal items be removed prior to shipping, while you should ensure the vehicle is clean. It’s wise to schedule your shipment at least eight weeks in advance as delays could add significant costs.

Cost of cross-country car shipping will depend on which company you select, so shop around until you find one with discounts for multi car shipments and early-bird discounts. While some charge by mile, others have set rates that take into account distance and pickup/delivery dates; it is also important to find out whether there are any hidden fees or charges with their service provider.

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Car shipping costs can quickly add up, but there are ways to lower them. One method of cutting expenses includes forgoing unnecessary fees such as gas surcharges and terminal fees. Another approach would be choosing a carrier who offers price lock promise guarantees – these ensure the quoted price will match up exactly with what will ultimately be payable at delivery.


Security measures play an integral part in keeping your vehicle secure during car shipping, and customer reviews online will provide valuable insights as to whether a company takes precautions against theft and vandalism. Some providers offer additional insurance that covers repairs or replacement should anything occur during transit.

Before shipping your car, it’s important that all personal items that could be stolen are removed from it – this includes valuables, medications and any other items easily stolen from a car. In addition, it is wise to clean and document its condition prior to transport as this will make the process run more smoothly and ensure you receive it in good condition.

Driving your car across state lines can be a long and arduous journey, which could compromise its value or cause it to break down enroute. Car shipping offers a more practical and cost-effective solution if you must relocate for work or family reasons.

Reputable car shipping companies will have fast response rates and assign you with an agent who will address all your needs directly, helping ensure all questions are answered in a timely manner, which reduces any potential issues during transportation.

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