The Future of Human Resources: How MYHRKP is Reshaping It

Myhrkp, also known as HRconnect or My HR KP Portal, is a dedicated website designed to streamline human resources processes for employees of Kaiser Permanente, a renowned healthcare provider, and insurer. 

This user-friendly platform empowers Kaiser Permanente employees to access and manage their HR-related information and transactions conveniently and securely. 

With various services available, including payroll management, benefits enrollment, scheduling, training, and more, is an efficient hub for employees to handle their HR needs easily.

Features and Functions

  • Sign On
  • The sign-on feature on allows employees to log in to the website using their desktop credentials. 
  • By entering their NUID (National User ID) and password, employees can securely access the website and view their personalized HR information. 
  • Employees can reset their password for sign-on issues or contact the KP Service Desk for assistance.
  • Location Selection
  • To personalize the user experience, offers a location selection feature. 
  • Employees can choose their specific work location from a list of options, such as California-Northern, California-Southern, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Mid-Atlantic States (VA, DC, MD), Pacific Northwest (OR, WA), and others. 
  • Additionally, employees of specific categories, such as Maui Health System, Washington Region Executives, or IT Program Offices, can select their respective groups. 
  • This feature ensures that employees have access to location-specific information and services.

Home Page

  • The home page of serves as a centralized hub for employees to navigate various HR services. 
  • It provides essential information and quick links for employees to access HR-related resources. 
  • Employees can find their name, NUID, location, and group details on the top right corner of the page. 
  • The menu bar presents tabs such as Home, Payroll & W-2s, Benefits & Wellness, Time Off & Leave of Absence, Careers & Learning, and More Services. 
  • Employees can access the desired service or information by selecting the relevant tab.


Q: What is

A: is a website, also known as HRconnect or My HR KP Portal, specifically designed for Kaiser Permanente employees to access their human resources information and transactions online.

Q: What services does provide?

A: offers various services, including payroll management, W-2s, benefits, schedules, training, personal information updates, enrollment, time-off requests, job applications, and other HR tasks.

Q: Can employees personalize their experience on

A: Yes, employees can personalize their experience by selecting their specific work location from a list of options. They can also choose their group if they belong to any specific category. This ensures access to location-specific information and services.


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