How to combat jetlag and enjoy your vacation 

When going on vacation, be prepared for the fact that when you step off the plane at your destination, you may experience drowsiness, fatigue, headaches, body aches, digestion disorders, irritability, and even depression for some time. If you know this feeling you are aware of the fact these are symptoms of jetlag. But for some people, jetlag passes quickly and easily, while for others it is torture for several days. 

The phenomenon of jetlag is familiar to many tourists. It occurs after the change of time zones and is usually accompanied by fatigue, headaches, digestive disorders, and disorientation. The body’s internal clock often cannot cope with such stress, and if the flight lasts more than three hours, it is worth learning more about jetlag. Symptoms of jetlag can be very different, up to dehydration, confusion, nausea, and even memory loss. Some hikers note an increased heart rate, and children are just as susceptible to these symptoms as adults. These feelings occur when you have an irregular work schedule or when switching to wintertime. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fight jetlag, but there are many effective ways how to start adapting your body, and sleep-wake cycle to this situation and reduce the negative effects of it. 

Choose the best arrival time if possible 

If you have a long flight ahead of you, it makes sense to plan it for late evening. You have time for dinner and a good night’s sleep before arriving in another time zone. If you arrive in the morning, you are almost certain to have an overwhelming desire for sleep as the day progresses, and you are almost certain to fall into the clutches of jet lag. 


How about the urge to wake up at 2 a.m.? Not inspired? Then fly in at lunchtime, when your rhythms adjust to the sun and evening comes almost “on schedule.” The day before departure, try to get a good night’s sleep. If this is not possible, take at least 2-3 hours to sleep and they will give you strength. 

Don’t stress during the flight

During the flight try to create for yourself a home-like environment. Take your favorite book, laptop with films, games, sports betting odds and lines, headphones, and comfortable shoes, such as slippers. This will help to reduce stress levels. If you are flying at night, try to spend it in your sleep, but do not resort to taking strong sleeping pills, the sedative effect will only delay adaptation to the jetlag

Do stretching exercises

This refers to the effects of long flights on blood circulation in the body rather than sleep patterns, but as with drinking water, there are many pros and no cons to this method. Warming up your muscles (which are bound to get stiff in flight), will help your body get into new circadian rhythms faster. Stretching as much as you can before, during, and after your flight is a helpful list of exercises to try at the airport or during your flight. Lifting your legs for a few minutes after landing is one way to recover from a long flight used by flight attendants. Athletic compression socks are also very good. 

Take care of yourself

Long before your trip, it’s a good idea to exercise, eat right and get more rest. Physical stamina is guaranteed to help you survive the change of time zones. If you have diabetes or an unhealthy heart, it is worth stocking up on medication in advance and getting individual recommendations.

Take time for yourself after your arrival.

Exercise, pool, massage, fruit, and in the end, a pill of melatonin (or, if you’re confused by the “scientific” name and do not want to be burdened with drugs, a pill of puerh tea) – everything will do. Your body needs a couple of signals that all is well, show him that life is good. By the way, that’s why you should plan sightseeing not on the day of arrival, but on the second day of the trip. Positive emotions will help you to understand that everything is not so bad.


Do not get immediately involved in an active tourist program, do not run headlong to solve business issues if you’re on a business trip, and do not hurry to try all the dishes of the buffet and local restaurants with fast food. Only the observance of a calm rhythm guarantees a soft exit from the jet lag and the pleasure of an unspoiled vacation